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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the right list name appended.

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List Description
9deans [no description available]
Academ-essl [no description available]
Academic_skills For all colleagues involved in teaching or supporting students with academic skills
Acr-essl [no description available]
Admin-essl [no description available]
All-essl [no description available]
Alumnioffice List for the members of the Alumni & Development Team
Apple-sig for Apple users and the Apple Special Interest Group
Arabic-l 1685 Arabic scholars
Artynet research information
Banner-INB-Users Banner (INB) Users
Banner-ODBC-Users Banner ODBC Users
Banner_Functional Notifications From Service-Now (auto-forwarded from Jim Ollerhead)
Big-data Big-data-at-Leeds
Bio-science-tech A list set up for University of Leeds Bio-Science Technical staff to exchange information about technical matters and training.
blasius-users Email List for BLASIUS Users
Bob Box of Broadcasts (BoB)
Bsa-theory-group [no description available]
Bset [no description available]
Candit [no description available]
Capemnet Research Information
Causer-reps Central Admin IT User Reps
Central_area [no description available]
Cert [no description available]
Clerical-essl [no description available]
Clerical-staff [no description available]
Cluster-sig [no description available]
Cluster-technicians [no description available]
Cluster-technicians-esc-1 [no description available]
Comp-sci-eng Computational Science and Engineering
cryoEM For users of the cryoelectron microscopy (cryoEM) facility hardware and software
Ddmessages dd messages
Deans Pro-Deans for Research & Innovation
Digital-media Cross Disciplinary University of Leeds Network
Dlma-disability Discussion list for the Distance Learning MA in Disability Studies
Documentum-users Updates and service messages for Documentum users
Dyslexia_support_workers list for University of Leeds Dyslexia Support Workers Only
Easian [no description available]
ECREA-CLP The mailing list for the Communication, Law and Policy Section of the European Communication Research and Education Association.
Eng-it Faculty of Engineering IT
Env-it IT staff in the Faculty of Environment
Envnet Research Information
Esslnet Research Information
Ethnicity-racism [no description available]
Fls-esc-2 [no description available]
FMH-health-and-safety-personnel Faculty of Medicine and Health, Health and Safety Personnel
Fmh-it Faculty of Medicine and Health IT staff
Fmm Faculty Finance Managers
Frm Faculty Research Managers
Front-line-support Front Line Support
Ftcs A list for individuals interested in issues surrounding fixed-term contracts in HE
Gender Leeds Gender Studies
Geog-social To communicate interesting information that is not directly work related among members of the School of Geography and others
Hosting-2000b [no description available]
Hosting-2000d ISS Web Hosting Service -WS6 information
hpstaff HPS Staff in the School of PRHS
Immunet a communication facility for immunologists
International-communications List for International Communications Researchers
Iss-complaints [no description available]
Iss-feedback ISS-FEEDBACK
iss-sgl ISS Service Group Leaders or equivalent
Iss-software Applications Software News
Iss-staff [no description available]
Iss-tech-reps [no description available]
Isstmp1 [no description available]
It-forum The IT Forum is an information sharing group for all IT service delivery staff.
It-training it-training
Language 118 Language researchers at the University of Leeds
Law-staff Law Staff
Learning-tech Learning Technologists at Leeds
Leeds-alert [no description available]
Leeds-bicycle-users [no description available]
Legup [no description available]
lem-users Email List for LEM Users
Lemas [no description available]
Library-job-adverts announcements of job adverts from lis-link, lis-elib, etc
Library-systems [no description available]
Library-systems-esc-2 [no description available]
Library-systems-esc-3 [no description available]
Lifenet [no description available]
Linm-usage [no description available]
Linux-SIG Cross-campus support / advice for Linux users
Lira Discussion list for research into chronic diseases.
Materials [no description available]
Mathsnet research information
Matnet research information
Mbchb-intercalating Official notification list for intercalating MB ChB students
Mbchb-year1 Official notification list for MB ChB year 1
Mbchb-year2 Official notification list for MB ChB year 2
Mbchb-year3 Official notification list for MB ChB year 3
Mbchb-year5 Official notification list for MB ChB year 5
Mclnet Malaysian Students & Community of Leeds Information Network
Mednet research information
Medsin Medsin Leeds
Medsoc Medical Students Society Announcements
Music-helpdesk School of Music Helpdesk
Music-staff Closed mailing list for School of Music Staff
Net-alert Network event alert
Netgrp [no description available]
Nets-list [no description available]
News-agencies For researchers of news agencies
Newsflash IT Newsflash
North_area [no description available]
Nuffield-alumni Nuffield Alumni List
Pc-dic-esc-1 [no description available]
Pc-edd-esc-1 [no description available]
PC-Server Windows Server Team list
Pc-server-esc-1 [no description available]
PCI [no description available]
PDP Personal Development Profiles- Discussion & Information
Perception Questionmark Perception at Leeds
philacad Philosophy Academic Staff
philproctors Philosophy Proctors
Physics-stoner Condensed Matter Physics Group
Plagiarism [no description available]
Pro-esor Invitational discussion list for grant applications
Psyc-paclab Perception-Action-Cognition lab
Qmp-technician [no description available]
Qmp-technician-esc-2 [no description available]
Qmp-technician-esc-3 [no description available]
Raisers-edge [no description available]
Repis-esc-1 [no description available]
Repis-esc-2 [no description available]
Repis-esc-3 [no description available]
Repis-esc-4 [no description available]
Researchboard Research Board
Ris_professionalisation RIS Professionalisation
Rscarts Arts Research School Committee
Rscbiol Biological Sciences Research School Committee
Rscbless ESSL Research School Committee
Rsceng Engineering Research School Committee
Rscenv Earth & Environment Research School Committee
Rsclubs Leeds Business School Research Committee
Rscmaps MAPS Research Committee
Rscmdph MDPH Faculty Research Committee
Rscmvpa PVAC Research Committee
Rsu Research Support Unit Staff
San-team SAN Team maling list
Sap-business [no description available]
Sap-business-esc-1 [no description available]
Sap-business-esc-2 [no description available]
Sap-business-esc-3 [no description available]
Sap-business-esc-4 [no description available]
Sap-communications [no description available]
Sap-finance SAP Finance Discussion List
Sap-project-staff [no description available]
Sap-public-sector [no description available]
Sap-purch SAP Purchasing Discussion List
Sap-purchasing [no description available]
Sap-technical SAP Basis/SAP technical heat mailing list
Sap-technical-esc-1 [no description available]
Sap-technical-esc-2 [no description available]
Sap-technical-esc-4 [no description available]
SAPSuperUsers SAPSuperUsers
Security_all [no description available]
SEE-python-users SEE Python Users mail list
Slide-scanning A list for the discussion of slide-scanning, virtual microscopy and applications
South_area [no description available]
spanport Spanish and Portuguese Mailing List
Spincurrent SPINCURRENT European Collaborative Research Project
Swdev [no description available]
Telephone-liaison-officers [no description available]
testlist [no description available]
Theoretical-sociology [no description available]
Timetable Timetabling related mailman list
tomcat-users Email List for TOMCAT Users
Tsa-operations Taught Student Administration - Operations Section
um-users Email List for UM Users
Unions-hsc Union H&S representatives
Unix ISS Unix team members only
unix-announce This list is for active UNIX system administrators at LU
unix-discuss UNIX based OS discussion list
Unix-esc-1 [no description available]
Unix-esc-2 [no description available]
Unix-managers This list is for active UNIX system administrators at LU
Uoaleads [no description available]
Webcast [no description available]
wrf-users Email List for WRF Users
Wsfaults-esc-1 [no description available]

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